Enclosures - Gutters


On all our Offset Patio Umbrellas and most of our other models the rain gutters can be used to provide continuous protection from rain or shine. They can connect several umbrellas together to form one large canopy, or they can connect one or multiple umbrellas to a building.

Our gutters are conically manufactured, and when attached to the umbrella they provide a slight decline to ensure good drainage. Threaded aluminium pipes are inserted into the material sleeves and connected together to further improve drainage. The rain gutter is attached to the umbrellas roof support by snap hooks. A “water stop” on one end provides double assurance that during heavy rain, the water will not spill on the wrong end of the gutter.


All our lateral enclosures are custom made of Acrylic Material or PVC with Crystal Windows. All sizes available for most of our patio umbrellas. We manufacture different frames as well depending on what the intention or use is and the amount of protection. Please call our office for estimates based on your requirements.


Gutters are available on all of our umbrellas and are attached with a spring hook or velcro from one umbrella to another as shown. They are made of the same material as the umbrella and are slightly tapered allowing the water to run from one side to the other and not below. In some cases, they are also made with aluminum rods on the sides which allows a little more stability.

Note Please. It is preferable that umbrellas have valances when rain gutters will be used, but they are not necessary.